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    All living beings strive for equilibrium, yet in our ever changing world of ambiguity and uncertainty, we find ourselves in the constant challenge to maintain our balance.

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Coaching with horses at Equulibrium® is a unique experience that is available for individuals, organizations, and families.   Most people at some point in the session will say “I get it!” At all levels of existence, we come to realize that our rapidly changing world, with all its technological advancements has simultaneously reached a sense of social crumbling and collapse that demands attention and support.  We know the first step is to “breathe” and be fully present in the moment.  What better place to bring in the horses? They are here to help us regain our Equulibrium®.  

Navigating through the uncertainty, chaos, unpredictability, volatility, and ambiguity, is a given; it is not a question of is it going to happen?  it is already happening.  If we allow ourselves to be caught up in it; at best, we won’t survive, the real conundrum is being stranded within the grips of the currents and wanting to succeed. The dynamics are such, that previous problem- solving skills would demand that we become entangled, expending energy unnecessarily, and consuming ourselves in the process.

Coaching with horses is the option when you don’t feel you want to dig deep into your history and you want to move forward in life. This program is for those who recognize their roadblocks and want to move forward. Coaching with horses allows us to surpass the “drama” and look at the “opportunities”, making the commitment to move towards the goals by taking one step at a time.

  • Individuals:  if you are looking at improving in certain areas of your life but you are not really interested in a therapeutic process, this may be a program for you.  Many people don’t want to talk about their family of origin and their upbringing issues, they want to figure out how to move forward and they have been “stuck” in a particular place for a while.  
  • Families:  If your family has been struggling with a particular issue and you are not sure how to move forward, this may be a program for you.  We look at families from a system’s perspective, where there may be a triangulation or a situation that has served a particular purpose that is no longer serving the family as a whole.   
  • Corporate Groups:  Some of our workshops and trainings are based on a model for socially intelligent leadership based on Linda Kohanov’s (http://eponaquest.com/) roles of a Master Herder.  This program includes an assessment tool to help your organization analyze the participant’s leadership styles.  We have also joined forces with Achim Nowak (Brilliant Best Equus)- for more information http://brilliantbest.expert/bb-equus/