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  • Horses Transforming Lives

    All living beings strive for equilibrium, yet in our ever changing world of ambiguity and uncertainty, we find ourselves in the constant challenge to maintain our balance.

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    Here, Success and Responsibility Go Together

  • Highly Qualified and Committed Staff

    Programs and activities that help people grow and develop in many areas of life.


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Our Advantages

"Horses Transforming Lives", by maintaining integrity, compassion, and commitment to service in the treatment of individuals.  Assisting clients to reach their maximum potential by nurturing their physical, mental, and spiritual development. Promoting the field of equine assisted therapies by educating professionals in the appropriate use of interventions based on sound research. Educating people in the humane treatment of the equine by providing a life of dignity and respect.

We believe in providing horses a safe environment where they can retire after their hay days are over. These horses would have been put down otherwise. We offer them a place to retire and continue to live with dignity and respect. Our facility is not big (2 acres) but we try to maximize our space as much as possible.

The horses all go out at night as a herd in order to socialize and exercise. We do not shoe our horses, we use more humane natural hoof care. The horse's diet is carefully monitored; they are fed low carb, low sugar diet to enhance hoof and overall health. Their diet includes non-gmo grains and Canadian hay. The facility is environmentally conscious; we use organic treatment for our compost pile and refrain from using chemicals throughout.  We have the space for an organic garden, which has been grown in the past.


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